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Celtic Christmas Music

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Dec 21, 2009

Celtic Christmas music from the 2009 Celtic Christmas Show of  Celtic Roots Radio.

Celtic Roots Radio 14 - 'For 6 months Fermanagh is in Lough Erne!'

Hosted by Raymond McCullough, in Belfast, Northern Ireland:

with music from:

"Alleluia- Halleluia" by Fiona J Mackenzie, (Scotland, UK)
from A Gaelic Christmas

"Skullies" by Raggle Taggle, (California, USA)
from Dublin Fusion

"Plenty More Fish in the Sea" by State of Undress, (England, UK)
from Livin’ it, Lovin’ it!

"Contemplation" by Ross Rudd, (ACT, Australia)
from Earth

"A Child is Born" by Alexandra Celano, (California, USA)
from I'm Overcome

"Falling Star" by Quail Music, (California, USA)
from single

"He was born" by Janet Bates, (Oregon, USA)
from The Little Spinner

"Christ Child's Lullaby" by The Crossing, (Illinois, USA)
from Court Of A King