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Celtic Christmas Music

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Nov 26, 2013

The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from Mithril, Heather Dale, John McGaha, George Papavgeris, Tom Morley, Jed Marum, The Elders.

This is the first show of the 2013 season. I don't know if I will have other Celtic podcasters submitting their shows like they did in the past. I'm hopeful some will do so. In the meantime, I plan to release at least three shows this year, maybe a fourth if I get enough Celtic Christmas music submissions.

If you're a Celtic band with Christmas music (or you know someone who is), please submit your music here.

A Celtic Christmas

This Week in Celtic Christmas Music

"Galician Carol" by Mithril
from Winter's Day

"Hunting the Wren" by Heather Dale
from The Green Knight

"Gloucestershire Wassail" by John McGaha
from The Longest Night: A Winter Celebration

(Without You on) Christmas Day" by George Papavgeris
from Ordinary Heroes

"Cold Frosty Morning" by Tom Morley
from The Raven's Wing (a curious collection of fiddle tunes)

"Banjos We Have Heard On High" by Jed Marum
from Rejoice! A Christmas Album

"Christmas Day" by The Elders
from Single

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