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Celtic Christmas Music

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Dec 22, 2015

More Celtic Christmas music for our third episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast for 2015 with Celtic Christmas music from The Irish Rovers, Small Town Sheiks, Faitissa, Legacy with Jim Flanagan, Golden Bough, Jillian LaDage, The Gothard Sisters, Julia Lane. 

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This Week’s Celtic Christmas Music

"Three Jolly Rogues" by The Irish Rovers
from Merry Merry Time of Year

"A Savior's Come (Merry Christmas)" by Small Town Sheiks
from Single

"O Apalpador" by Faitissa
from Single
“O Apalpador” is a traditional song from Galicia, with additional music and last stanza's lyrics by Faitissa. The Apalpador is a Christmas mythical character from O Courel and Os Ancares mountains, in Galicia. At winter solstice, this old bearded man comes down from the mountaintops and touches the belly of the children to know if they ate enough during the year. Then he gives them chestnuts.

"Gaudete" by Legacy with Jim Flanagan
from An Irish Christmas: Songs and Music of West Cork

"Drive the Cold Winter Away/Kid on the Mountain" by Golden Bough
from Christmas in a Celtic Land

"Christmas in the Olden Time" by Jillian LaDage
from Enchanted Winter

"Winds Through the Olive Trees" by The Gothard Sisters
from Christmas

"Joyeaux Noel" by Julia Lane
from Angels We Have Heard

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