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Celtic Christmas Podcast

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Dec 11, 2020

Welcome to Hang the Holly. I'll introduce you to SCREAMING ORPHANS as we take an inside look at artists in the latest episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. 
"The Snows That Melt the Soonest" is the 4th episode of 2020 and show #58. It features Christmas music from Runa, Stephanie Claussen, David Pedrick, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Steel Clover, Mark O'Connor, Marc Gunn, deCeadaoin, Andrew D. Huber, The Rogues, Sheri O'Meara, Abbots Cross, Reilly, Screaming Orphans, Prydein, The Jig Is Up!.
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And now on to Screaming Orphans
This four-person, all-women band hails from County Donegal, Ireland, and despite the loneliness that is hinted at by their chosen name—they are actually all sisters—with parents! As a matter-of-fact, their Mam used to be the band’s singer, and their Da was their engineer and manager before they struck out on their own to tour. The combination of leaving their parents behind, the “screaming” sounds that come with four girls living in an active household, and the fact that a school they attended actually was (previously) an orphanage all gelled together to create this catchy moniker for the group. It’s one that is not easily forgotten!
The girls started music young, eventually evolving into a pop rock band in their teens, and over time they just continued to blossom. The band began performing locally, and their circle quickly began to expand. Before long the ladies were chosen to play at a concert in Kildare, where known names such as Christy Moore and Sinead O’Connor were also performing. O’Connor chose the four to to tour with her as her backup singers after this, and they also opened up for the artist on the Gospel Oak Tour. This extended into other opportunities, including touring with Babba Maal, and recording tracks with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, and the Chieftains.
Since those days, the Screaming Orphans have become a well-known band in their own right, appearing on both the iTunes World Music charts and the Billboard World Albums charts, among many other accolades. They have put out 15 albums over the years – all their own one-of-a-kind recipe of pop/rock with Celtic influence, and this year they are releasing a Christmas single, "Song We Used To Sing” for the holiday season.
The single reflects the unusual time we find ourselves in this holiday—often isolated from our loved ones at the time we are used to gathering for storytelling, sharing memories, and celebrating Christmas. It calls forth a nostalgic feel with it’s simple arrangement and lovely harmonies. An original track, the band collaborated with songwriter John Spillane to craft a holiday song that focuses in on warm memories and togetherness at a time these ideas are most often highlighted. It’s a pretty song with a message of peace and hope that helps ease the sting of being apart at Christmastime. Not only is it especially timely for 2020, but this thoughtful tune will hold up well for future holiday seasons.
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