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Celtic Christmas Podcast

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Dec 23, 2009

Celtic Yule Special from the Celtic Dreamtime Podscape. Music from Broceliande, Claire Roche, Willson & McKee, Madeleine Doherty, Harris Moore, Donna Germano.

Plus - Luis the Rowan
continuing our Ogma's Tales Of The Trees,
and the Creation of the Ogham Alphabet

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Content : 57 mins 42 secs

  • introduction to the program and credits
  • about wassailing traditions
  • about the Rowan Tree
  • Luis The Rowan feature story from our Ogham series
  • Story : Harry McCrory and the Yule Log
  • songs and music by ...
    Broceliande, Claire Roche, Madeleine Doherty, Donna Germano, Willson & McKee, Harris Moore

Credits and Links :


songs played are "Gloucestershire Wassail" and "Gaudete" from their CD, "Sir Christmas"

Claire Roche

song played is "Dun Oiche Ud I Mheitheal" which is on her "Journey With Claire Roche CD.

Willson & McKee

"One Lone Rowan Tree" taken from the CD of the same name

Madeleine Doherty

Music from her Inner Music trilogy was used as background in my "Luis The Rowan" story, the track used, "Sacred Journey" on CD1 of the trilogy.

Harris Moore

This podscape finishes with "The Spiral Dance" and also features harp intermissions from "Busker's Dream", both tracks from "Earth Spirits Of Ancient Ireland" by Harris Moore of the Celtic And Prehistoric Museum in Ventry, west of Dingle in Kerry. Worth a visit. Get CDs by phoning Harris or contact me, John of Celtic Ways.

Donna Germano

The tune used during the Harry McCrory story was taken from Donna's interpretation of "Cape Clear" from her "Winter Star" CD.



Next Podscape ideas and plans …

Scheduled for January 3rd release

Pottering Harry McCrory's finds someone to build him a Timeless Machine

part 3 of our Ogma's Tale of the Trees 22 part series, "Fearn the Alder"

maybe an interview, but not sure who yet

songs and music from harpers and bards

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