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Celtic Christmas Podcast

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Dec 18, 2021

A Holiday collection of Christmas music to tug at your heartstrings with Gaelynn Lea today as we spread Christmas Cheer.

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I am Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic musician and I love Christmas music.

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FEATURED PLAYLIST: Celtic Christmas 2021

My final Celtic Christmas Playlist of the year is now completed. It features over 30 artists with amazing music to celebrate the holiday, from the slow and peaceful to the upbeat and rollicking. You can enjoy over two hours of Christmas music on this playlist.

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“Angels We Have Heard on High (feat. Al Church)” by Gaelynn Lea from Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn

That was from today’s special holiday guest. She is on the latest Celtic Christmas Playlist.


Traditional fiddle music tugs at the heartstrings, and it infuses feeling into what is otherwise notes on a page. There’s something transformative about it. Not only has Gaeylnn Lea mastered her craft, but her experimental use of this time-honored instrument adds yet another dimension to the sound. Melodies are stretched and harmonies are crafted by her use of live looping, paired with obvious classical training. It’s updated, and ultimately, very satisfying. Cellist Zoe Keating springs to mind as one listens to Lea’s use of her chosen instrument. It’s no wonder she has drawn attention for her music—she has really been carving out her own niche in the industry.

Gaelynn has been playing the violin for over two decades, and there’s little doubt she’s comfortable with bow in hand. It really does take a person mastering an instrument before experimentation can be successful. The challenge is to depart from the norm and create something unique—all while expanding on previous training. The skill is still in there--but the music grows larger and more full. This is what Gaelynn does, and it’s a pleasure to hear the thread of the familiar woven in with the freshness of something new at the hands of an experienced artist.

The musician has been recognized for her work—being chosen as the winner of NPR Music’s 2016 Tiny Desk Contest, recognized as a benchmark in the world of music. This competition brings in thousands of submissions, and to win is quite the accomplishment!

Those who are looking for a forward-looking holiday collection of music will want to investigate Lea’s album, "Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn". The tracks that are included here boast many of the well-known popular carol names, such as Angels We Have Heard on High, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, and O Come, O Come Emmanuel--but you haven’t ever heard them played like this before.

The 14-track album is an easy fit for anyone who is a true strings aficionado, and it would round out any collection of holiday music. Perfect for everything from a romantic candlelight dinner with your love, or at a family gathering, “Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn” is a delight to listen to. Experience the joy of hearing Christmas favorites that are coaxed into a new form through the hands of a talented musician.

You can find out more about Gaelynn Lea at

“Silent Night” by Gaelynn Lea from Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn


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