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Celtic Christmas Podcast

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Oct 14, 2021

Welcome to Hang the Holly. I'll introduce you to LIZ MADDEN as we take an inside look at artists in the latest episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. 
"Little Christmas" is the final episode of 2020. It features Christmas music from The Jig Is Up, Cynthia Shelhart, Steel Clover, Abbots Cross, Liz Madden, Laura MacKenzie, Reilly, Sharon Shannon, deCeadaoin, Tiffany Schaefer, Emish, Stephanie Claussen, Celtic Woman, Runa, The Selkie Girls
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And now on to Liz Madden
Irish-born singer Liz Madden is a classically trained vocalist with multiple artistic talents. Not only does she have a cache of her own solo albums, but she is an actress and musical theater performer as well. In addition, she has done voiceover work and it’s easy to see why—her gentle, bright, clear voice is a pleasure to listen to, whether she is speaking or singing. Madden has delved deeply into studying the things she is interested in, and holds a Masters degree in music, and she is working toward one in theology as well. Her list of accomplishments really does go on and on, and they include everything from songwriting credits for film and television, to producing a live show, to winning multiple awards throughout the course of her career.
Such a full and total immersion in the arts shows fierce passion and a dedication to creating, and this is apparent in Madden’s musical history. She has contributed to 12 albums, and is actively involved in collaborating with other musical artists on a regular basis. Her albums tend to favor simple arrangements that allow her beautiful voice to be the centerpiece, with instruments serving as a support, rather than the central focus. It works well, and Madden’s voice is definitely worthy of having a place that is front and center. She has certainly earned it, developing her voice as a well-honed instrument in its own right. Not all singers are blessed with such an even measure of talent and passion, but this is a singer that certainly has a heaping spoonful of both.
Her holiday album, "Liz Madden’s Christmas Celebration" offers nearly an hour of music that ranges from delights such as the French carol Noel Nouvelet to some of the more expected holiday favorites like Joy to the World, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The satisfying mixture of simple arrangements and a classically trained voice make this singer's holiday album a perfect choice for the season. A well thought-out grouping of 17 tracks provides a solid Christmas soundtrack that would make a terrific gift—or would blend in well with nearly any rotation of holiday music you may already own. Whatever you do, be sure not to miss Madden’s version of Silent Night—it’s a song that was meant to be covered by a vocalist with her range, and she does it beautifully, hitting those high notes with confidence and clarity.
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