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Celtic Christmas Podcast

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Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to Hang the Holly. I'll introduce you to SHARON SHANNON as we take an inside look at artists in the latest episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. 
"Little Christmas" is the final episode of 2020. It features Christmas music from The Jig Is Up, Cynthia Shelhart, Steel Clover, Abbots Cross, Liz Madden, Laura MacKenzie, Reilly, Sharon Shannon, deCeadaoin, Tiffany Schaefer, Emish, Stephanie Claussen, Celtic Woman, Runa, The Selkie Girls
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And now on to Sharon Shannon
Playing the accordion puts you in a unique category in terms of making music, and Sharon Shannon is one of the artists that has that distinction. Interestingly, although she can and does play Irish music, her career has continually spanned many different musical genres, always bringing her own style and background along with her for the ride. She is an experienced and dedicated musician, and has worked with some huge names in the industry. Among the people/bands she has recorded and performed with, you’ll find well-respected (and well-known!) Irish names like Sinead O’Connor, The Chieftains, Shane McGowan, and even Bono. In keeping with her genre-jumping style though, you’ll also see her name has appeared alongside other musical heavyweights, like Jackson Browne and Wille Nelson. As if that isn’t testament enough to Shannon’s musical abilities, she has also collaborated with John Prine, Natalie McMaster, and even Japan’s Kodo Drummers!
Good musicians are always eager to expand their circle and play with other talented people, and this is something that defines Sharon Shannon. It is also something that has allowed her to grow, and that has seasoned her as a musical artist. From classical, to Cajun, to rap, Shannon has embraced all forms of music and in turn, they have informed her approach and style along the way. Interestingly, the Irish influence always does seem to shine through though, no matter who she has paired herself with!
Shannon has a well-rounded selection of albums, but with the holidays quickly approaching, nothing is more appropriate than than the Christmas single, “Christmas Time Again”, which features her accordion play front and center. It’s a nice, jolly romp—a bit more updated than the old, standard carols--but with the same spirit of fun. Pick this one up to add something different to your holiday playlist, or to gift to a friend or relative that loves expanding their collection of Christmas music. After all, there’s always a little bit of room for the accordion…right?
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