#36: Best Celtic Christmas Music Online

The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from The Brigands’ Folie, The Gothard Sisters, Mithril, Cherish the Ladies, Bonnie Rideout, The Irish Rovers, Katie McMahon. www.celticchristmaspodcast.com

If you’re a Celtic band with Christmas music (or you know someone who is), please submit your music here.

Ever wonder What Is Celtic Christmas Music? Read my article and my let me know what you think.

I also host the Pub Songs Podcast and I have two Christmas shows this year. The first is entitled “A Semi-Celtic Christmas“. The second is just traditional fun Christmas songs. I also released an EP entitled Celtic Christmas Songs which features three original Christmas songs inspired by Celtic culture and lifestyle. It’s now on sale on all the major digital retailers.

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The Gothard Sisters - Christmas

This Week’s Celtic Christmas Music

“Christmas Waltz” by The Brigands’ Folie
from Twain
Brigands’ Folie is an exciting acoustic duo playing traditional Irish, Scottish, English, and colonial American music together around the Midwest since 2005. The band’s mission is to educate the public about the lives and stories of 18th & 19th Century settlers, soldiers, and sailors through music of the period.

“Jolly Old St. Nicholas” by The Gothard Sisters
from Christmas

The Gothard Sisters are three young Celtic and classical musicians who write new arrangements of traditional celtic and christmas favorites. They are emerging young artists and dancers from the pacific northwest and play several instruments each, creating a warm sound of acoustic progressive celtic-classical folk.

“Winter’s Day” by Mithril
from Winter’s Day

Mithril’s unique progressive style has its roots in traditional Celtic music but moves far beyond that, weaving such diverse influences as American folk, classical, and Middle Eastern melodies in…to their full tapestry of sound.

“On Christmas Night” by Cherish the Ladies
from On Christmas Night

Celebrating 28 Years of Music Making, Cherish the Ladies is an American all-female Irish-American super group. The band began as a concert series in New York in January 1985, the brainchild of Mick Moloney who wanted to showcase the brightest female musicians in America in what had been a male-dominated scene. The series opened to sold out concerts. Under the leadership of the dynamic and irrepressible Joanie Madden on flutes and whistles, they have grown from a one-time concert concept to an Irish traditional music sensation and are the most successful and sought after Irish-American group in Celtic music.

“Christmas day in the morning/I saw three ships/On Christmas night/New years day” by Bonnie Rideout
from A Scottish Christmas, The Celebration

Bonnie Rideout is an award winning Scottish fiddler. On stages from Scotland’s Edinburgh International Festival to America’s Kennedy Center, Bonnie Rideout’s unique style of Scottish fiddling has charmed audiences across the globe. Bonnie has been featured on the BBC, CBS, NPR’s Performance Today, and Morning Edition. Her A Scottish Christmas CD became a New York Times “Top Ten Holiday Best Seller”. Its success prompted a touring show that has sold out halls across North America for over a decade. In 2007, the Mel Bay Publishing Company credited Bonnie as one of America’s top ten most influential traditional fiddlers of the 20th century.

“Have You Heard” by The Irish Rovers
from Merry Merry Time Of Year

The Irish Rovers is a Canadian Irish folk group created in 1963 and named after the traditional song “The Irish Rover.” The group is best known for their international television series, contributing to the popularization of Irish Music in North America. All band members hail from Ireland, however the group was formed in Toronto, Canada. Since then there have been over 40 albums in North America with more internationally. “Have You Heard” is a beautiful Christmas tune with an old world sound, but like with all the Irish Rovers songs, you’ll want to sing along. It’s written by George Millar who has written most of the Rovers’ original music over the years.

“Christmas Pipes” by Katie McMahon
from Celtic Christmas

Katie McMahon is an Irish singer from Dublin. She was a soloist with the original Riverdance troupe. Her recordings have largely featured traditional Irish songs, occasionally in the Irish language. She has released five critically acclaimed solo CDs: After the Morning, Shine, Celtic Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas Angels.

Irish Rovers - Merry Merry Time of Year

#35: Celtic Christmas with the Grinning Beggar Celtic Music Podcast

Today’s episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast is a guest show from the Grinning Beggar Celtic Music Podcast. Phil was kind enough . allow me to share his Christmas show with you.

Today, you will Celtic Christmas music from The Langer’s Ball, The Pogue, Belfast Muslims, The Mahones, Lexington Field, The Gobshites, Finnegan’s Hell, Poor Angus, Mithril, John McGaha, The Irish Rovers, Marc Gunn, Shauna Burns, Dropkick Murphys, The Killigans, The Wild Colonial Bhoys, The Narrowbacks, The Cold Shots, Larry Kirwan feat Ashley Davis, Shanneyganock, The Barra MacNeils, Shanneyganock, Eddie Coffey, Shanneyganock, Reg Watkins, Stand Rogers, Boston Blackthorn, The Makem & Spain Brothers, The High Kings, Seamus Kennedy, The Gleasons, Rathkeltair, Cherish The Ladies, Highland Bagpipes, Emish, Damien Dempsey, The Cherry Coke$, Jasper Coal.

itunes pic

Well ladies and gentlemen it would appear that Christmas is only a few short weeks away. Christmas time means many things to people; for some its a joyous occasion while for others it brings sadness.

Whatever the effect, I am not here to try to convince you otherwise. I am here to provide you with some really great Christmas music.. And in true Beggar fashion I have done this and in doing so covered the spectrum. So this my friends is my final gift of 2013 for you, my 3rd Annual Celtic Christmas Podcast stuffed full on songs about drinking, thinking, being broke, cold and alone, songs about Jesus and Angels and Joy. We have some Celtic Punk, some Bagpipes, some Scottish, some Irish and even some Galacian (look it up!), even some Japanese.

With that being said, let this Podcast give you what you whatever need to get through this Christmas season and into the New Year safely and smiling.  Thank you for all of your continued support and kind words through the year and I will see you in 2014 with some Rad new tricks!

This Podcast is being dedicated to Jimmys Pub, my Aunt Marie (RIP) who kept the spirit of Christmas alive and my long time friend Scott. DSG if it were not for you I’d have lost the spirit long ago. Thanks for keeping the faith !

Slainte ~ Phil

The Playlist is as follows:

01. The Langer’s Ball – 1913 Massacre
02. The Pogues – Ferrytale of New York
03. Belfast Muslims – Christmas Lullaby
04. The Mahones – Angel Without Wings
05. Lexington Field – Cherry Moonshine
06. The Gobshites – Christmas Eve in The Boozer
07. Finnegan’s Hell – Drunken Christmas
08. Poor Angus – The Gathering
09. Mithril – Galacian Carol
10. John McGaha – Gloucestershire Wassail
11. The Irish Rovers – Bells Over Belfast
12. Marc Gunn – Christmas in Scotland
13. Shauna Burns – Carol of The Bells
14. Dropkick Murphys – The Season’s Upon Us
15. The Killigans – Cold Outside
16. The Wild Colonial Bhoys – Santa See You Tonight
17. The Narrowbacks – Prodigal Son (I’ll Be Home for Christmas)
18. The Cold Shots – Count Your Blessings
19. Larry Kirwan feat Ashley Davis – Happy Xmas (War is Over)
20. Shanneyganock  – Christmastime in Newfoundland
21. The Barra MacNeils – Christmas Ceilidh
22. Shanneyganock – The Wren
23. Eddie Coffey – Christmas Morn in Newfoundland
24. Shanneyganock  – Rusty Chevrolet
25. Reg Watkins – Mummer’s Party Jig
26. Stand Rogers – First Christmas
27. Boston Blackthorn – Christmas in Pittsburgh, 1943
28. The Makem & Spain Brothers – I Heard The Bells
29. The High Kings – Driving Home For Christmas
30. Seamus Kennedy – Jogging Along With My Reindeer
31. The Gleasons – Irish Holiday
32. Rathkeltair – Silent Night
33. Cherish The Ladies – Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
34. Highland Bagpipes – Little Drummer Boy
35. Emish – O Come O Come Emmanuel
36. Damien Dempsey – Oh Holy Night
37. The Cherry Coke$ – Auld Lang Syne
38. Jasper Coal – The Parting Glass

#34: Celtic Christmas Eve

The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from Patrick K, Martyn Wylde, The Rogues, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Marc Gunn, The Malarkeys, Angus Mohr. www.celticchristmaspodcast.com

If you’re a Celtic band with Christmas music (or you know someone who is), please submit your music here.

I want to thank everyone who helped turn A Celtic Christmas into a chart-topping hit on iTunes and Amazon. We are getting some absolutely brilliant reviews of the album and a lot of spins on radio stations around the globe. So thank you for your support.

Check out the Fun Celtic Christmas Playlist on Spotify or my pick of some of the Best Celtic Christmas Albums on Amazon

martyn wylde - silent night

This Week’s Celtic Christmas Music

“Sliding in the Snow” by Patrick Keith Ahern
from Sliding in the Snow

Patrick Keith Ahern’s music ranges from rock to rock ballads and Christmas music to singer/songwriter easy listening. He was influenced by all styles of music from U2 to the Pogues. His dad, a musician himself, also had a huge influence in his musical style as his dad was in bands such as The Arrivals and The Dukes of Jazz.

“Silent Night” by Martyn Wylde
from Single

With an extensive repertoire derived from the rich folk traditions of Ireland, England and Scotland along with his own original songs, Martyn Wylde continues the legacy of the Bards of old. Accompanying himself on guitar, bouzouki and mandolin, Martyn’s pure tenor voice and three octave range combine with his multi-instrumental talent to form a truly unique folk instrument, bringing new life to material which is sometimes hundreds of years old.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas/It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” by The Rogues
from Hellbound Sleigh

Founded in Houston in 1994, The Rogues created a new genre of Celtic music with exceptionally well-played pipes and driving percussion. The band’s sound ranges from traditional pipes and drums to innovative textures incorporating whistles, keyboard and guitar, as well as many percussion instruments. Always present in The Rogues’ music is that spirit that endears them to their audience. From technical precision to soaring melodies, a Rogues album and performance will move you to tears and get you dancing immediately afterwards.

“Hark the Herald Angels Sing” by Keith and Kristy Getty
from Joy – An Irish Christmas

Keith and Kristyn bring a high energy mix of American bluegrass and Irish folk music styles. The band is made up of some of Nashville’s most sought after session players.

“The Scottish King of Christmas” by Marc Gunn
from Celtic Christmas Songs

Marc Gunn is a rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats. He breathes new life into the autoharp, which continues to surprise musical veterans and fans a like for it’s unique sound and spirited energy. It’s like a satirical jam session between The Clancy Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic. It’s Celtic music, the traditional and the twisted.

“We’re All Home for Christmas” by The Malarkeys
from Bloody Brilliant

Contemporary Canadian Celtic rock popsters, noted for their live performance Celtic mash-ups that throw traditional Irish pub songs into unlikely medleys with more modern rock songs.

“Christmas Bells” by Angus Mohr
from A Christmas Pageant

Just as watery mist remakes the world and whisky remakes the man, Angus Mohr revitalizes the brogue of traditional Celtic music with an American blues accent and rejuvenates rock ’n roll’s broad spectrum with bagpipe and pennywhistles.

Marc Gunn - Celtic Christmas Songs

#33: Best Irish & Celtic Christmas Music Online

The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from Marc Gunn, The Gleasons, Rathkeltair, Panodra Celtica, Iona, Boston Blackthorne, and Brobdingnagian Bards. www.celticchristmaspodcast.com

If you’re looking for some great Celtic Christmas music, please consider buying a copy of A Celtic Christmas. This episode highlights more of the music from our new compilation CD which you can now buy on CD Baby. A portion of the profits from the sale of this album will go towards Celtic non-profits around the U.S..

If you’re a Celtic band with Christmas music (or you know someone who is), please submit your music here.

Iona - Mid-Winter Light

This Week in Celtic Christmas Music

“Christmas in Scotland” by Marc Gunn
from Celtic Christmas Songs

“Irish Holiday” by The Gleasons
from A Letter to Erin

“Yule Log and Holly Berries” by Rathkeltair
from Something Good for Christmas

“The Holly and the Ivy” by Pandora Celtica
from On Thin Ice

“I Saw Three Ships Medley” by Iona
from Mid-Winter Light

“Christmas in Pittsburgh 1943″ by Boston Blackthorne

“Bog Down in Christmas” by Brobdingnagian Bards
from Christmas in Brobdingnag, Vol. 1

A Celtic Christmas

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#32: Top Celtic Christmas Music Online

The Celtic Christmas Podcast is excited to bring you Celtic Christmas music comes from Mithril, Heather Dale, John McGaha, George Papavgeris, Tom Morley, Jed Marum, The Elders. www.celticchristmaspodcast.com

This is the first show of the 2013 season. I don’t know if I will have other Celtic podcasters submitting their shows like they did in the past. I’m hopeful some will do so. In the meantime, I plan to release at least three shows this year, maybe a fourth if I get enough Celtic Christmas music submissions.

If you’re a Celtic band with Christmas music (or you know someone who is), please submit your music here.

A Celtic Christmas

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This Week in Celtic Christmas Music

“Galician Carol” by Mithril
from Winter’s Day

“Hunting the Wren” by Heather Dale
from The Green Knight

“Gloucestershire Wassail” by John McGaha
from The Longest Night: A Winter Celebration

(Without You on) Christmas Day” by George Papavgeris
from Ordinary Heroes

“Cold Frosty Morning” by Tom Morley
from The Raven’s Wing (a curious collection of fiddle tunes)

“Banjos We Have Heard On High” by Jed Marum
from Rejoice! A Christmas Album

“Christmas Day” by The Elders
from Single

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