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Celtic Christmas Music

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Dec 13, 2020

Welcome to Hang the Holly. I'll introduce you to THE ROGUES as we take an inside look at artists in the latest episode of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. 
"The Snows That Melt the Soonest" is the 4th episode of 2020 and show #58. It features Christmas music from Runa, Stephanie Claussen, David Pedrick, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Steel Clover, Mark O'Connor, Marc Gunn, deCeadaoin, Andrew D. Huber, The Rogues, Sheri O'Meara, Abbots Cross, Reilly, Prydein, The Jig Is Up!.
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And now on to The Rogues...
The Rogues have been producing music since wayyyyy back in 1994 when they got their start at the Texas Renaissance Festival. This Celtic band didn’t stay put in Houston for long though, and soon they were off--traveling all over the U.S., and even abroad. They’ve performed in Canada, Scotland, and Greece, among other places over the years, as well as providing entertainment on a number of different cruise ships. This great mixture of experiences has allowed the band the opportunity to truly hone their live shows, and put a shine on their ability to play together in a variety of different contexts. It has also given them a great deal of expertise in terms of playing Celtic tunes.
The Rogues are no amateurs when it comes to playing their instruments either, and band members have won prestigious music competitions, including first place in the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade III in 1998. If pressed to describe them, you could say they take their music seriously, but they don’t take themselves too seriously, which results in a nice mash up of outstanding musicianship and good fun—it really works out well. Plus, you know a band is not messing around when they wind up with their own tartan in the Scottish Register of Tartans. That’s dedication to the Celtic genre at a deep level.
You can’t help but notice a full pipe sound and a lot of percussion when you listen to this band play, but they are also capable of music that pulls at the heartstrings. The variety of instruments, arrangements, and pairings keeps things interesting, no matter how familiar the tune. This is especially evident on The Rogues 2013 Christmas album, Hellbound Sleigh, where you’ll hear tried-and-true favorites such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” in a very different light. Be sure to listen to the "O Holy Night / Ave Maria” track, which has an almost haunting feel to it—in the best possible way. And—don’t miss "Jingle Bells/Good King Wenceslas” for a rousing take on this classic that showcases the pipes front and center.
The best part about this festive album though is the fact that there are also a few tracks you won’t find in every Christmas collection, making it a great pick for your music rotation this holiday season. Keep it all to yourself and enjoy listening at home, or ship it over to a friend or family member that needs a little bit ‘o cheer in the stocking.
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